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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Come see people yelling over other loud noises!

Cantankerous Records Presents This:

Dead Boomers: Launching their new 7" vinyl out on Iron Lung Records and their new cassette "Outcalls" out on Cipher productions.
Punshing power electronics with a punk tinge...

SPLIT TEETH:Lightning speed power violence; 100% brutal.

Holy Boner: All star noise/grind lineup for maximum brutalitiy.

Velvet Whip: Self doubt, intelligence, paranoia, urban problems, claustrophobia, ugliness, animosity, and power.

Inmost Night: Punkened black metal to open your mind!

Live at Holdings
492 Bell Street Pascoe Vale South
3pm Sunday 16th February 2014
All Ages.
Free tea & coffee.

Plenty of merch available; bring your hard earned bread and squander it on some dated formats...

"If you are coming by car there is no parking on Bell Street, but you should be able to find some in York Street which is just around the corner. The last stop on the 55 tram at Bell Street will get you nearby. Holdings is about a 5 block walk west from there. If you can get to Bell or Coburg Station the 513 bus will take you pretty much across the road. Just ask to get off before Reynolds Parade. Holdings is across the road from a 7-Eleven (which is on the corner of Reynolds & Bell) if you need a landmark."

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