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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where it's at...

So the first "Cantankerous Records Presents This:" show was a success, thanks to all that played and everyone at KIPL for hosting the night. Some photos and video, will be added here soon.

We've done an inventory, decided there will no longer be "unlimited CDrs" and found that this is all that we have left (some things we thought were sold out long ago):
CAN-042 Zebra Mu - As Nature Intended C10 (Lim 20) 1 copy
CAN-033 Fuck, The Retarded Girl vs. Metek CDr 1 copy
CAN-017 New Miracle Force - Space Debris CDr (Lim 26) 1 copy
CAN-014 Snuff Budgies - Red Tape 3"CDr (Lim 21) 2 copies
CAN-053 absence.insolution / Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Nice Fringe Fucknut Please Stop Making Garbage Like This And The People That Think This Is Cool Christ Seek Thereapy 3"CDr 3 copies
CAN-052 Prior of Scorn - DEMO MMIX BizCDr (Lim 30) 3 copies
CAN-026 1+1= a window - Autism 3"CDr (lim 25) 3 copies
CAN-036 Dotåbåtå - Lumber 3"CDr (lim 40) 3 copies
CAN-035 Dotåbåtå - Grey 3"CDr (lim 40) 4 copies
CAN-049 Basidiomycota / Paregorik - split SSC60 (Lim 24) 4 copies
CAN-029 The Mist Toggles – So Seal Ice CDr 4 copies
CAN-060 Dotåbåtå - Spilt Milk C40 (Lim 21) 5 copies
CAN-032 Horsing - Changzheng 3"CDr 7 copies
CAN-054 AREYFU / F,TRG - split C42 (Lim 35) 9 copies
CAN-057 Compoundead / Taklamakan - split C42 (Lim 30) 9 copies
CAN-047 The Shock Technician / Zebra Mu - split 3"CDr (Lim 40) 10 copies
CAN-037 Vilphagr - DEMO C30 11 copies
CAN-058 Panic - Hunter C31 (Lim 30) 18 copies

Get in touch if you desperately want anything, they may not be around for long...

Also over the horizon:
Upcoming releases from Smash Tennis, Inmost Night, Zebra Mu, Torba, Dotabata, FTRG, etc, plus more shows...

Friday, August 12, 2011

The First "Cantankerous Records Presents This" show!

Cantankerous Records Presents:

WIFE = Noise art
OLD SKIN = Real Hardcore
FTRG = Harsh Noise
DRONGO = Noisecore
DOTABATA = Doom Noise
INMOST NIGHT = Black Metal/Punk
QUICK (WA) = Guitar Experimentalist
BONO = Free Noise

Cantankerous Records presents to you a mixed bag of powerful sounds, ear candy of the more adventurous palate. Come one come all and let your ears taste the sweet auditory wares set before you.

Best of all it is FREE and presented at the prestigious KIPL warehouse, located at 136 Roden St. West Melbourne, a short trek from either Spencer Street (Southern Cross) or North Melbourne stations.

Friday, May 20, 2011

New Releases (May 2011).

Here we (Finally) have some new releases. Four tapes for your listening (dis)pleasure:

CAN-057 Compoundead / Taklamakan - split C42 (Lim 30)
 CAN-058 Panic - Hunter C31 (Lim 30)
 CAN-060 Dotåbåtå - Spilt Milk C40 (Lim 21)
 CAN-054 AREYFU / F,TRG - split C42 (Lim 25)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So, welcome all to our new blog/web-space. We plan to actually keep this up to date, with happenings and so forth. The myspace page will not be updated any more, this will be your only source for cantankerous information.

On the horizon:
Panic - Hunter C31
Taklamakan / Compoundead split tape C42
AREYFU / F,TRG split C42
Two Dotabata tapes (C8 & C40)
Plus more...

Also in the pipeline are a few gigs, that we'll either be organizing or involved with in some way...