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Monday, November 12, 2012


JOIN us at the Metro for special times. SEE the debut Adelaide shows of two amazing noise/experimental labelmates and a solid local lineup:

(Ghost Gums, Where were you at lunch)

(Cantankerous Records)


(Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity)
Their killer set at Lost City 2012:

-QRT DUO (debut!)
(Mondo Phase Band)
Dan Heath will be joined by a mysteryman.

From 9pm, $5 door. Simples.
At: The Hotel Metro
46 Grote St, Adelaide, South Australia 5000


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cantankerous Records brings you some varied noise...

WORD OF LIFE CHURCH SS = Synth/noise extravaganza...

SPASMOSLOP = Otherworldly vocal driven noise...

TODD ANDERSON-KUNERT = Audio/visual doom/noise...

DOTABATA = Organic instrumentation destroyed by harsh electronics...

BONO = Some more noise...

Starts early!

All ages / BYOB welcome.

136 Roden St West Melbourne
(a short trek from either Southern Cross or North Melbourne stations).

Various tapes and so on available on the night...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The New Releases for May 2012

The latest batch of tapes and business card CDrs, launched at the most recent gig.
Get in quick with these, minimal copies still remaining after the launch show...

Smash Tennis - "self titled" C42 (Lim 40)
Melbourne, Australias exquisite duo of Llara (Kit, Tapes, Edits) and Samaan (Guitar, Tapes, Edits), compiled from various live recordings from 2010 and 2011 using Iphone, Nokia 1616, Dictaphone, Reel to Reel. With an end result that is both precise and chaotic, beautiful and grotesque. Highly recommended.
Recorded on high quality black C42 tapes with industrialised "envelope pattern" covers. Limited to 40 copies (very few left).
Areyfu - Star Garnet ssC20 (Lim 30)
South Australias' Areyfu knows how to deliver high quality harsh noise, and that is exactly what he does on this tape. Just under ten minutes of sporadic out of this world noise. Moments of ambient beauty, voice samples, and aeons of perfectly timed blasts of feedback and synthetic noise scree. A hidden gem in a sea of mediocrity.
Duplicated on high quality green tapes with gloss full colour covers in an edition of thirty.

Areyfu - Retrogradus ssC15 (Lim 20)
Much the same idea/style as "Star Garnet" but with guest vocalist/lyricist Dylan John Cameron. The addition of Dylans' passionate hardcore/power violence style vocals add a whole new dimension of intensity to the already intense Areyfu noisescape. Not like everything else. Not your garden variety power electronics, this is a whole new kind of beast...
Duplicated on new old stock data cassette tapes with black and white covers in an edition of twenty.

The Shock Technician / Horsing / PPP / Dotåbåtå - Four on the Floor 4xBizCDr (Lim 25)
Four on the Floor: a four way split between The Shock Technician from Germany, Horsing from the Netherlands, PPP from Italy and Australias' Dotabata. Each artist filling a business card with a distinct slab of monolithic noise grandeur. Pressed on four clear hand stamped business card CDrs with individual sleeves, plus inserts and cover housed in a cassette tape case. Strictly limited to twenty five copies.

Snuff Budgies - Maths C?? (Lim 34)
From the people who brought you FTRG and Dotabata comes a new (not really, more so reformed and refreshed...) duo focused on intense live musique concrète, tape manipulation and looping. This time binging you a two sided cassette recorded on the very cassettes that were used as the source material. Thirty four mathematics theory audio books on tape were used to create the audio that would later be recorded over the majority of them. Each one individual; ending with various amounts of the original mathematic theory that had resided there.
Strictly limited to thirty four copies each with a different ending. Recorded to recycled maths audio book tapes. Each with an individualised cover.

Zebra Mu / Torba - split C30 (Lim 25)
Zebra Mu of Norfolk, England and Torba of Germany both offer up a side of true analogue noise. Executed just how noise should be; raw, varied, organic and damn noisy. Each artist putting their signature spin on their offering.
Limited to twenty five copies duplicated on studio quality new old stock mastering cassettes with fold out cover and inserts.

Inmost Night - Insidious Tormentors BizCDr "single" (Lim 25)
The first official release of the "truth bringers" Inmost Night. Approximately five minutes of noisy punkened black metal grind. Raw, manic, and not afraid to speak the truth
Limited to 25 copies on white business card CDr with A4 fold out insert with lyrics.
Dotabata / Taklamakan - split RssC90 (Lim 30)
Two megalithic slabs of noise worship. Dotabata from Melbourne, Australia brings a flowing twenty minute slab of grime. Brooding bass drones, organic textures and heavy psych overtones buried in more texture. Taklamakan conjures otherworldly noisescapes with the ebb and flow of a black hole.
Limited to thirty copies duplicated on recycled (quality) consumer grade C90 cassettes, with fold out cover. 

Other/older releases still available (Only a couple each left):
CAN-026 1+1= a window - Autism 3"CDr (lim 25)
CAN-029 The Mist Toggles - So Seal Ice CDr
CAN-032 Horsing - Changzheng 3"CDr
CAN-037 Vilphagr - DEMO C30 (lim 30)
CAN-047 The Shock Technician / Zebra Mu - split 3"CDr (Lim 40)
CAN-053 absence.insolution / Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Nice Fringe Fucknut Please Stop Making Garbage Like This And The People That Think This Is Cool Christ Seek Thereapy 3"CDr
CAN-054 Areyfu / FTRG - split C42 (Lim 25)
CAN-058 Panic - Hunter C31 (Lim 30)
CAN-060 Dotåbåtå - Spilt Milk C40 (Lim 21)

Rough price guide:
Tapes (and 4xBizCdr) Au$7 / US$10 / 10Euro each or three for Au$15 / US$20 / 20Euro or even cheaper for larger orders. BizCDr and 3"CDr free with other orders or Au$3 / US$5 / 5Euro individually.

Email cantankerousrecords@gmail.com to make an order...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gig Reflection: Saturday 12th May 2012

Photos from the night of aural punishment:

Old Skin:

Will be releasing a ripping new split tape with Indonesia's TRAP soon.

Von Einem:

Occult Blood:


Launched two new tapes:
CAN-064 Areyfu - Star Garnet ssC20 (Lim 30)
CAN-065 Areyfu - Retrogradus ssC15 (Lim 20)


Smash Tennis:

Launched a new tape:
CAN-061 Smash Tennis - C42 (Lim 40)

Inmost Night:
Launched a new BizCDr:
CAN-055 Inmost Night - Insidious Tormentors BizCDr (Lim 25)

Radical Creation:

The new releases that were launched at the event:
CAN-050 The Shock Technician / Horsing / PPP / Dotåbåtå - Four on the Floor 4xBizCDr (Lim 25)
CAN-051 Snuff Budgies - Maths C?? (Lim 34)
CAN-055 Inmost Night - Insidious Tormentors BizCDr (Lim 25)
CAN-061 Smash Tennis - C42 (Lim 40)
CAN-062 Dotabata / Taklamakan - split RssC90 (Lim 30)
CAN-063 Zebra Mu / Torba - split C30 (Lim 25)
CAN-064 Areyfu - Star Garnet ssC20 (Lim 30)
CAN-065 Areyfu - Retrogradus ssC15 (Lim 20)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cantankerous Records Presents This:
An eclectic night of hardcore noise and noisey hardcore, a full spectrum of intense sounds.

Starts at 6pm, KIPL warehouse, 136 Roden St, West Melbourne, (a short trek from either Southern Cross or North Melbourne stations), Saturday 12th May.

Come down early for the full aural onslaught.
All ages / BYOB welcome.

Various tapes being released on Cantankerous Records on the night, including Smash Tennis, Areyfu, etc...
Plus plenty more goodies for sale/trade.

Occult Blood: A true Neanderthunderous Noisecore assualt.

Old Skin: Blistering breakneck hardcore.

Areyfu: An exercise in shutter speed electronic debauchery.

Diploid: Raw assault hardcore/power violence.

Von Einem: New project for Mark Groves of Dead Boomers, True Radical Miracle and Absoluten Calfeutrail. Depressive power electronics that will like totally mellow your buzz.

Smash Tennis: Eclectic sounds that tease the senses with intensity and abstraction.

Radical Creation: Primitive tape loops and electronic skeeze combined.

Inmost Night: Punkened black metal done the wrong way. Launching a new BizCDr on Cantankerous Records.

Areyfu Cassette Launches

Areyfu from South Australia will be heading to Victoria soon to do two shows to launch the two tapes that we will be releasing on the nights.

Friday May 11th 2012

Robotosaurus (SA)
In Trenches
At Dark (NSW)
Areyfu (SA)
Dude Mountain

The Bendigo Hotel
125 Johnston St, Collingwood

Doors at 8pm

Saturday 12th May 2012

Occult Blood
Old Skin
Areyfu (SA)
Von Einem
Smash Tennis
Radical Creation
Inmost Night

KIPL warehouse
136 Roden St, West Melbourne

Starts at 6pm
All ages / BYOB welcome.