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Sunday, October 16, 2016

New Releases Out Now...

Some new titles up in the web store:

Rocker Volume - Chrome C40 in Three Parts:

Dotabata - Oxidised

Deep Vein Thrombosis - 3min to Midnight

Deep Vein Thrombosis - 3min to Midnight (Deluxe pack)

Also some Distro items:

Visit: cantankerousrecords.bigcartel.com

Monday, November 23, 2015

New batch and web store...

New web store live with new batch of releases available now:

Purchase online...

New releases:
Length: 2xC10
Tape: Ferric
Leader: None
Shell: Black
Case: Double Jewel Clear/Black
Catalogue: CAN-080
Edition: 30
Package: Cover, 10 page booklet and sticker.

Communion of sour portraits...

Length: C48
Tape: Cobalt
Leader: Clear
Shell: Butterscotch
Case: Clear Jewel
Catalogue: CAN-083
Edition: 40
Package: Fold out cover.

Treachery; it's broken from within...

Length: C26
Tape: Ferric
Leader: Clear
Shell: Butterscotch
Case: Clear
Catalogue: CAN-081
Edition: 30
Package: Transparent cover and spine insert.

Across the field, the accident becomes apparent...

Length: C10
Tape: Ferric
Leader: None
Shell: Black
Case: Clear
Catalogue: CAN-079
Edition: 20
Package: Fold out cover.

Bleak strident rasping, friction building...

Length: C10
Tape: Ferric
Leader: None
Shell: Black
Case: Clear
Catalogue: CAN-084
Edition: 10
Package: Fold out cover and vintage card insert.

A sudden realisation of cadence...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Finally (slightly) updated the website (blog), at some point in the near future all this will be getting a bit of a revamp and you may even see a proper web store...

New(ish) Releases Currently Available:

CAN-075 Dead Boomers - Live at White Nights C40 (Lim 40)
Dead Boomers is a heavy electronic duo based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Within rhythmic post-industrial blasts, the prospect of an ageing population dominates ominous narratives, depicting anxious visions of an inescapable tomorrow. Captured live in the depths of the Melbourne Arts Centre in the dead of night 24/2/2013. A spectacular document of one of Melbourne's premier power electronics outfits. Must have.

CAN-076 Inmost Night - Live 2011-2014 rC90 (Lim 50)
Pure scum punkened black metal, all grime no crime. True eye/mind opening filth. Unrelenting muck.

CAN-077 Von Einem - The Filthiest Indictment C20 (Lim 30)
Next level power electronics from one half of the esteemed Dead Boomers. Dry dark minimalism, deftly arranged; just so. 
If you buy one tape this year; make it this one. 

Coming Soon:
Cathedral (ex L.A County Morgue) 2xC10
Pleasure Bros C26
Grief Worship C10
Wank Bank C22

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Come see people yelling over other loud noises!

Cantankerous Records Presents This:

Dead Boomers: Launching their new 7" vinyl out on Iron Lung Records and their new cassette "Outcalls" out on Cipher productions.
Punshing power electronics with a punk tinge...

SPLIT TEETH:Lightning speed power violence; 100% brutal.

Holy Boner: All star noise/grind lineup for maximum brutalitiy.

Velvet Whip: Self doubt, intelligence, paranoia, urban problems, claustrophobia, ugliness, animosity, and power.

Inmost Night: Punkened black metal to open your mind!

Live at Holdings
492 Bell Street Pascoe Vale South
3pm Sunday 16th February 2014
All Ages.
Free tea & coffee.

Plenty of merch available; bring your hard earned bread and squander it on some dated formats...

"If you are coming by car there is no parking on Bell Street, but you should be able to find some in York Street which is just around the corner. The last stop on the 55 tram at Bell Street will get you nearby. Holdings is about a 5 block walk west from there. If you can get to Bell or Coburg Station the 513 bus will take you pretty much across the road. Just ask to get off before Reynolds Parade. Holdings is across the road from a 7-Eleven (which is on the corner of Reynolds & Bell) if you need a landmark."

New Releases (from previous launch gig)...

CAN-073 cleaninglady - Monday 11_03_13 BizCDr
We are honoured to release cleaninglady's first physical offering. One prime slab of Serge modular synth destruction, artfully sculpted tones weave in and out of each other intertwining to form a rich tapestry of eclectic hard synth beauty.
Limited BizCDr in pink DVD case with A2 colour poster.

 CAN-066 Smash Tennis / Dotabata - split ProC41 (Lim 100)
 Our first pro pressed release, full colour j-card, plastic wrap and all...
Smash Tennis offer up a solid 20:30 of eclectic textures, tones and repercussions, derived from tape manipulation, guitar drums and who knows what else; true sonic artistry.
Dotabata lays down one slab of true texture, crafted from analogue electronics, field recordings, tape manipulation and reed organ.
Together a true journey of the sonosphere...
Pro pressed green crome C41 full colour double sided j-card.

CAN-074 Dotabata - Principles to Die For 2xC120 (Lim 5)     SOLD OUT
 Dotabata takes you on a lenghty journey of texture and percussion. Drums, junk, field recordings, tape manipulation, radio wave trickery, and true analogue electronic minimalism.
2xC120 all clear prison spec tapes, with 24 page art book, and sticker in box.

Records of previous launch gig...

 Oranj Punjabi
 Nic Tammens
Launching new BizCDr release...
 Smash Tennis
Launching new pro split cassette release...

Launching new pro split cassette release...