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Friday, July 18, 2014

Finally (slightly) updated the website (blog), at some point in the near future all this will be getting a bit of a revamp and you may even see a proper web store...

New(ish) Releases Currently Available:

CAN-075 Dead Boomers - Live at White Nights C40 (Lim 40)
Dead Boomers is a heavy electronic duo based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Within rhythmic post-industrial blasts, the prospect of an ageing population dominates ominous narratives, depicting anxious visions of an inescapable tomorrow. Captured live in the depths of the Melbourne Arts Centre in the dead of night 24/2/2013. A spectacular document of one of Melbourne's premier power electronics outfits. Must have.

CAN-076 Inmost Night - Live 2011-2014 rC90 (Lim 50)
Pure scum punkened black metal, all grime no crime. True eye/mind opening filth. Unrelenting muck.

CAN-077 Von Einem - The Filthiest Indictment C20 (Lim 30)
Next level power electronics from one half of the esteemed Dead Boomers. Dry dark minimalism, deftly arranged; just so. 
If you buy one tape this year; make it this one. 

Coming Soon:
Cathedral (ex L.A County Morgue) 2xC10
Pleasure Bros C26
Grief Worship C10
Wank Bank C22

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