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Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Releases (from previous launch gig)...

CAN-073 cleaninglady - Monday 11_03_13 BizCDr
We are honoured to release cleaninglady's first physical offering. One prime slab of Serge modular synth destruction, artfully sculpted tones weave in and out of each other intertwining to form a rich tapestry of eclectic hard synth beauty.
Limited BizCDr in pink DVD case with A2 colour poster.

 CAN-066 Smash Tennis / Dotabata - split ProC41 (Lim 100)
 Our first pro pressed release, full colour j-card, plastic wrap and all...
Smash Tennis offer up a solid 20:30 of eclectic textures, tones and repercussions, derived from tape manipulation, guitar drums and who knows what else; true sonic artistry.
Dotabata lays down one slab of true texture, crafted from analogue electronics, field recordings, tape manipulation and reed organ.
Together a true journey of the sonosphere...
Pro pressed green crome C41 full colour double sided j-card.

CAN-074 Dotabata - Principles to Die For 2xC120 (Lim 5)     SOLD OUT
 Dotabata takes you on a lenghty journey of texture and percussion. Drums, junk, field recordings, tape manipulation, radio wave trickery, and true analogue electronic minimalism.
2xC120 all clear prison spec tapes, with 24 page art book, and sticker in box.

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